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Welcome to Long Livin’ Roleplay! We are an upcoming FiveM whitelisted community and we would like if you joined and had a look around. Applications are currently open for all our departments.

What does Long Livin’ Roleplay have to offer?
The Long Livin’ community tries to offer an active player base with unique daily roleplay ideas. We are a very structured community that aims to create an immersive and rewarding environment for dedicated individuals looking to help us become something better and better. We strive to be able to provide an enjoyable experience to whoever may join our server.

Features of Long Livin’ RP

  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom Interiors
  • Custom Housing
  • Custom Civilian Scripts
  • Custom Police Commands
  • Custom Donator Perks


  • Police Department
  • EMS Department
  • Civilian Department
  • Fire Department
  • BSCO Department



the development is going great!.

our apps are open and we want you! COME AND JOIN!

we officially open! come and join our discord and apply today and play TODAY!

We also added teamspeak and ■■■■ to the server for a better experience!

We hope to see you soon.

(we are looking for staff aswell :slight_smile: )

the server development is going great! we have added loads of custom mlos and buildings!

come and join!

This server is a lot of fun its in early development and is still enjoyable would recommend

Very good server would 100% recommend its still being developed but is still a great server

Servers now fully functional!

we hope to see you guys there soon!

eup is becoming a big thing! and is being released this weekend!

we have also added loads of scripts to improve the experience.

We have also had very good rp scenes go on!

We hope to see you soon!

Long livin roleplay is a good community full of amazing add ons and hard working staff i joined as apart of the community and found a good place to stay.

as you can see now we have full eup! (have the element club next to my name)

we are working on optimizing the server and hopefully growing the community

We hope to see you soon!

bump bump bump

we are looking for staff!

come and join up for a chance to become a staff member!