Local server issues

First a couple gripes. Thanks for making your site ungoogle-able by having search results for a forum that no longer exists.
That overlay for citizenmp or whatever with the giant rockstar logo is AWFUL! is there a way to turn that off?

I’ve had so much bad luck with five reborn… it crashes a lot, apparently you can’t use a dynamic dns service because it only accepts IP’s…

But the worst, and maybe it’s my fault, is that if I stop the server, I assume by closing the window since that’s the only option, it won’t open again.

I’ve reinstalled everything multiple times (including gta), I’ve tried every compatibility option, I fixed the problem once but I’ve had such a hard time of this I don’t remember what I did. Googling isn’t an option (as I’ve stated) because every result is 404 not found. I just now realized there is a search feature here, it’s just force of habit.

I can probably solve every other issue, but the server not starting after it’s been “stopped” baffles me.
No mods, with mods, doesn’t matter.

Currently I am using no mods other than fivereborn.