Loading custom map into GTA5 using Five Reborn


I was trying to install MultiFive so I could load of the Simpsons Hit & Run Map within GTA5. The creator says to use MultiFive but the downloading of the cache always fails! But he commented that Five Reborn also works to load this, but I can’t seem to understand how this works! If this is possible, could someone please shine some light on this for me please?

The link for map is down below

Thanks, Ryan

Multifive doesn’t exist anymore?

This might explain the download not working anymore. I’m new to both MultiFive and FiveReborn so this was news to me.

Is it possible to use FiveReobrn for this? Or an alternative?

I’ll take that as a no lol

@DeadSonRisingxD here is your awnser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG_q1P1Urw0