Linux - Manifest globbing not working as intended

Introduction to the Issue
Hi! I recently tried setting my server up on a Linux host, and faced some issues. I asked if anyone else had experienced the same thing in the discord guild, but didn’t get any response. I gave up trying to get it working after that, but I now tried again and went a little further this time.

The problem I encountered is that some UI files (HTML, CSS and JS) are being replaced with exactly 4096 characters of unrelated files.

I found that to be very odd, so I decided to try without the globbing feature that the resource manifest has, and that stopped it from happening. I couldn’t find anything saying that globbing isn’t supported on Linux, so I assume this is not intended behavior.

This issue hapened on the FiveM canary client as well as the latest artifact as of the time posting, that being 3808.

Expected Behavior
It is expected that the client cache is correctly created even on the Linux server when using globbing in the resource manifest.

Current Behavior
The client cache seems to corrupt or break in some way when globbing is used in the resource manifest, creating bizarre file contents. Here’s a picture of what it looks like in the devtools. The loading screen also turns to this when using globbing. And finally, I found that when the Lua script that is added is short, it will append another file at the end as well like this, where the start of the file content is Lua and the end is JS.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a Linux host for FiveM. (I used Ubuntu 18.04 as well as 20.04)
  2. Use the resource I attached at the bottom of this post.
  3. Load into the server and open the devtools to see the strangeness yourself, as shown in this GIF here.

This issue can be worked around by just not using globbing, but it’s a nice feature that makes things easier, and I wanted to shed light on it if it isn’t already a known problem.

example-loadscreen-globbing.rar (304.6 KB)

This should be fixed now. :slight_smile: