Linux FiveM Server lag issues

I’ve switched two linux (CentOS 7 x64) server providers and have had the following problem:
I’m trying to run a 32 slot server. It was all fine till ~15 players join the server. Then it started lagging waaayyy too much… like I send a message in the chat or used a command and it took like 40-60 seconds to react. I believed that was a CPU issue because I was using htop to see the usage and it was like 170%, also there would always be one core around 100% and all the others would be like 20% or even 0% (the ram usage was about 700MB/6GB). So I was like… I should get a more powerful CPU? So I bought a 10 core CPU ~3.4 - 4 GHz with 8GB RAM and a 60GB SSD and at start when about 17 players connected it was fine for a minute. Then started lagging again too hard and the same thing was happening with the CPU (view screenshot below). So what I was thinking is the following:

  1. the scripts I use are too many and are shitty coded so it fucks up the cpu usage. I run about 275 scripts on the server, but about 120-130 are cars downloaded from gta 5 mods. However, I know similar servers with almost the same scripts that I use (and the same amount of them) which run in a Windows machine and everything’s fine.
  2. There is an issue with FiveM on CentOS. Almost everybody that I have seen running a FiveM linux server uses Debian. I don’t know, just a thought. I’ve also tried using older artifacts versions, no result.
  3. The internet connection is bad. Both servers had a connection of 100mbp/s down/up. I don’t really know if that’s bad or not, however when the server was lagging, I had no ping at all and neither did other players. One of the servers is hosted on zap-hosting. Should I try using a 500 mbp/s connection?

CPU Usage screenshot on second server with about 15-17 people connected at that time:

Did you fixed this? I have the same issue with windows 10