Lineage Gaming - Active Development / Mature Staff Team / Hiring EMS, PD, DoJ, and Real Estate

Elevator Pitch
Looking for a place that feels like home? Want to own a business? Buy a house? Start a criminal organization, or join law enforcement, ems services, or the Department of Justice? Any of those things can happen in Lineage!


  • To build a community that is welcoming to all levels of roleplayers, beginners to advanced.
  • To mix roleplay from goofy scenes to serious story lines/arcs that unfold over time.
  • Ultimately to have fun!

Highlights of Lineage
Custom Cars - :white_check_mark:
Multiple Dealerships - :white_check_mark:
Pillbox Hospital - :white_check_mark:
Beautiful Courthouse - :white_check_mark:
Ripe for Expansion - :white_check_mark:

How to Join
Lineage has announced that the whitelist process has been suspended until we launch the revamped server in March of 2022. All you have to do to play is join our Discord listed below and agree to the rules.

Discord Link: Lineage Gaming

Other Socials
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Final Thoughts
We are fun group of players and a tight knit community. Recently wen through a little turmoil when a group of players decided to leave, we’ve come back stronger than ever. Just recently launching a whole new build running the latest QBCore resources with some custom Lineage only scripts as well. We are also proud to offer a Rust RP server with plans to expand into RedM next year. If you like Minecraft or Ark you won’t want to miss what we have planned for those games as well.

The future is bright for Lineage and we can’t wait to have you join us!

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