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A wonderful day for fishing here on Limitless Roleplay! Come check us out, we’ve got many great jobs like this one for you to do!

Limitless Roleplay EMS is now open to all members of the public! Come try your hand at saving lives, and work off the stress of that hard work week!

Happy Saturday! Come join us for some amazing roleplay!

It is quite humbling to see how many people enjoy our community daily.

Come join us for some awesome sunday RP! Maybe drive a car like this one?

New vehicles coming soon for you coal rollers! Come see us!

Still adding more and more great vehicles! Get your hands on one!

Get your weekend started off right with some Roleplay on Limitless!

It’s a wonderful saturday! When we max out today, we’ll be moving our AOP to Los Santos! Get in the game!

We had a great Saturday, and hope you did do! Come finish out the weekend right by playing some Limitless!

Limitless Roleplay Server 1 is Jam Packed Full! Join us on server 2!

Limitless Roleplay is now running onesync! Our first server is staying full around the the clock, join server 2!

I got perma ban for having mods? The only mods I have are some graphic mods and they don’t even work on the server. Didn’t know you can get perma ban for having graphic mods, didn’t even had any other mod.

I got banned for a drug exploit wasn’t even dealing drugs or moonshine I was waiting for a friend even have video proof and my friend talked to the admin who gave the ban and he wouldn’t help in any way

also have video of the whole thing

i got perma banned for getting in a rhino tank. i am new to the server and roleplay in general and i had no clue i would be banned for getting in it. some dude made me follow him into the military base and then told me to race him in a tank he told me to get out and get in the tank and as soon as i got in it i got banned. ive earned well money and spent about 7 hours plus on this server id really appreciate to be unbanned

Server is the best, no bias I swear!

It’s been a long time since I posted!

Limitless has come a long way in recent months. We now have our own UNIQUE Factions system, gangs system COMPLETE WITH UNIQUE Turfs System, where gangs may fight over locations on the map to claim for their gang, and earn rewards. We’ve also altered the economy to be MUCH MORE REALISTIC.

We recently did a mass-unban to give everyone another chance. If you’ve given us a try, and got banned, but want to give it another try, you’re welcome to come back!

Join us today! Click Here! or press F8 and type “connect

OK sike