Limit of seats on a plane and exit animation

Hi everybody.

I took an airplane mod on GTA5mods to have a plane bigger than the Miljet or Luxor.
I’m stuck about two issue :

1- I extended the number of seats to 16 and it works. But I don’t know why , I can’t extend more.
It is physically done on Zmodeler and all is OK on the vehiclelayouts.meta but no more 16 work.
There is a game limit about that ? If yes , there is a possibility to increase this limit ?

2- The plane use the Miljet animation but this plane is bigger than the Miljet. So the pilot get off through the wall.
How can I change this anim ? I would like the pilot and every passenger exit there seats on the plane in front off the door.

Thanks for your time.
I’m free to discuss in Discord too (DM tsujai)

PS : I’m french so I’m sorry for my english write. Tell me if you don’t understand what is my issues.