Lights entity disappearing

Hello, I have put some street lights and after a few minutes I play (not just me, but also some other player) have this weird bug where the lights close to us disappear, not the object but just the light entity. What could be the issue? maybe it’s my ymap?
As the lights in front of me disappear, the ones behind me appear again.
I’m having this bug just lately, never happened in the last 1-2 years.

Every light is like this, just different coords.:

      <flags value="32" />
      <guid value="0" />
      <position x="-4770.83057" y="354.469971" z="858.723938" />
      <rotation x="0" y="-0" z="-0.354546577" w="0.9350384" />
      <scaleXY value="1" />
      <scaleZ value="1" />
      <parentIndex value="-1" />
      <lodDist value="500" />
      <childLodDist value="500" />
      <numChildren value="0" />
      <ambientOcclusionMultiplier value="255" />
      <artificialAmbientOcclusion value="255" />
      <tintValue value="0" />

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