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Here is the video of the menu issues I’m having where it only lets you select 2 of the 4 lightbar options, then if you hit the button enough times it lets you select the other two, maybe, but most of the time it doesnt work and it only jumps between 2 total options.

Lightbars added to vehicle same issue:
See around 3:00. If you add more than 3 lightbars on the vehicle like I have here where I’m trying out 4 lightbars… it does the same thing when you try to select a lightbar to edit it on the vehicle.

After I put on the lightbars, it bugs out and only lets me select 1 and 3. Then if I keep hitting the arrow key enough times, randomly it jumps to selecting only 2 and 4.

Thats a Native UI issue if you have a higher framerate. A wait timer on sliders inside “UIMenu.lua” will fix this issue.

Hey, support for ACE permissions was added in the last update, simply add one or multiple of the following:

add_ace identifier.discord:abc nabla.lightbar allow
add_ace identifier.steam:abc123 nabla.lightbar allow
add_ace identifier.ip: nabla.lightbar allow
add_ace builtin.everyone nabla.lightbar allow
add_ace group.admin nabla.lightbar allow
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I love you! Thank you!

Could you say what i need to edit if it not to much work for you :slight_smile:

Can we get some other form of saving. Or, in your code, can it assign a random number for the saved vehicle that it knows to match to which license and model combination, or, player identifier like FiveM name

Because right now literally anybody can spawn a car with the same plate as yours and have your lights on it. Even when its not the same model.

Or if its by model… it ruins that model forever because its no longer a civ model anymore and everyone who tries to use it is stuck with a leo version.

Even if we stop them from accessing the script to edit it further.

It present a big problem for in game.

Any ideas?


Shouldn’t you control who/what script can change plate on vehicles ? I don’t understand what you’re concerned about

The model save was intended to turn any civ vehicle into a leo vehicle, it’s it too wide you should use the plate system

Anyway, you’d rather have the option to save by plate AND model, so both have to match to spawn the lightbars?

Well we use vMenu. Anyone can change their plate to whatever they want on their car. And its not checking for duplicates.

I can control who has access to use your menu yes.

But that doesn’t stop them from making a car with the same plate and even the same model, and basically just taking your car lol because the script will give them the lightbars even if they don’t have access to your script menu to edit them.

I suppose if both plate and model matched instead of one taking priority, that might solve a lot of issues too - at least in the case of someone spawning a different model with the same plate as yours and getting lightbars in weird spots. Because right now someone can make the same license plate in game and suddenly have lightbars appear lol even for a different model and thats just a problem obviously.

I mean as an example, someone can see this video (in our server) and then a player in our server can try to copy this car exactly as they see it here. All they have to do is make a car with the same plate and spawn the same model. Even if they cannot access the actual script menu. Custom Police Lighting on BMW in GTAV at EOTSRP - FiveM - YouTube

I get it but it’s a complicated situation you’re describing : anybody can spawn any car, can change the plate to anything but you don’t want them to have access to the script/lightbar.
What prevents them from spawning a police car anyway?

We can’t check any database because every client has a different one.

And I don’t think I can either check who spawned the car because most of the script are now server-sided so the owner of the car when it spawns might be the server.
I can look it up but I’m not sure

We made a few tests and we are able to add a feature to lookup the identifier of the owner of the car (owner as in entity owner, not related to framework etc…), check the plate and if they match something in our storage then add the lightbars.

Would you be satisfied by that ?

Yes, that may work :)!

I updated the script to 1.1.6 with your request, let me know :slight_smile:


:white_check_mark: Ability to save per user + plate (disabled by default)

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Thank you will try it out today! (note your fxmanifest still says bodacious but latest is cerulean)

Seems to be good now so far, thank you!

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