Licensing Resources?

My plan is to monetize some of my scripts on Tebex. But I fear that some of them are going to get leaked which is normal. So I made a resource licensing system that whitelists your server when you purchase something But Let’s say someone got my script from a leaking website/community. My script sends a ping to my licensing server notifying it that this server started the resource and my server checks if the server IP is whitelisted. if it isn’t then my server return with a result telling the resource to shutdown. Now since there is no way we could shut down the script within the code, my script kicks everyone from the server and blocks incoming connections which forces the leaker to remove the script. My question is: am I allowed to do this? What could be done to achieve a reasonable and effective method? Can I possibly obfusticate my script to protect the licensing method? and what proof I could use to 100% prove to the FiveM support team that this server is using my leaked script.

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interesting questions i love to hear a response or see if Fivem will take action against used leaked resources sold on the tebex store.

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Tebex and/or FiveM aren’t responsible for leaked resources. It is your own responsibility to write a licensing system to validate resources. Tebex and/or FiveM can’t be held responsible for content uploaded by there users. Both supporting a reporting system where unauthorized resellers can be reported. When you’re releasing a project on FiveM forum, you’re not allowed to obfusticate the code. However when you’re selling it on Tebex, the obfusticate is allowed because Tebex doesn’t disallow it. FiveM moderators can ask you to provide the sources code to validate some reports (when someone reported that you’re selling their resources).

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That I can agree on, I asked one of the moderators on the FiveM official discord and he replied saying that you can license your script on Tebex to protect it from getting leaked and you can also obfuscate your code not just to protect the source code but to protect your licensing method.

You still need to write your own licensing server, FiveM doesn’t have an implementation that fixed that for you. FiveM will only remove the post if your paid resource is released on their forum. Tebex will take down the webshop or product if they selling unauthorized resources. Those steps are almost the same as a GitHub Takedown Notice. It will cost time and you need to provide every time all the information and proof they selling stolen resources. You also need to make sure that they doing thinks against the rules because if you’re editing a script, you must respect the LICENSE or any copyright notices. To make sure you’re doing everything right, you need to make your own validation server, add copyright notices that disallow redistribution or reselling and obfusticate your code.

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Making a custom validation system is heavily discouraged, we are working on a built-in system that should provide functionality that is currently not even remotely possible with any “custom” system.


that is a great thing to offer for developers to protect their scripts. how long will it take for that to be available?

Any update on this functionality? It’s been almost a year