License plate streaming 2

Hello, i want to stream custom license plate. I’ve tried everything i found on the net but nothing worked any suggestions ?
Bonjour je voudrais stream des plaques d’immatriculation j’ai tout essayé à ce que j’ai pu trouver sur le net mais que des conneries malheureusement avez vous des solution ?

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As of right now it is not possible to stream plates server side. However you can stream custom plates client side. Open your FiveM app data>citizen>platform>levels>gta5>create a vehicles folder there and place your custom vshare.ytd there :sunglasses:

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Hi, thanks for your answer ! I think this don’t work either :frowning:
i tryed to put vehshare file from this :

SORRY i called my file “vehicules” but you was right it’s “vehicles” ! oops thanks a lot bro

No problem glad I could help you out.

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