License key revocation system

Recently, I have a problem. And I think this is global problem.
I bought paid scripts, from the developer and start working with my server based on this scripts.
After few week I have a conflict with the developer. I was trying stop the conflict, but developer principial didn’t want stop conflict. If he is read this message I want publicly apologise. I have unintentionally slighted developer, because it was very difficult for me to understand the support system, and I said that it does not work well.
After this developer revoke license. Resulting is all my work to go to waste.
That’s his right do not communicate with customers, but to take back the product it shouldn’t be. It same if you buy the roof for your house and seller taken back the roof, when you have already installed it.
I wonder what the respected community thinks about this situation

Did you buy this script through Tebex? Based on my knowledge, script sellers shouldn’t be able to revoke the access.

You got encrypthing scripts?

which store?

Yes I bought sripts through Tebex. But seller give me coupon code, and money was transfered
to the seller’s wallet.

Yes, I got encrypting scripts where server part is locked.
I don’t want to tip the shop. I have no hope to work with this developer again, but I did not want to cast a shadow on him either. The problem in the system.

It should not be possible for authors to revoke access after a purchase, nor should a purchase be made outside of Tebex for content that’s sold inside of Tebex. I’ll shoot you a DM to discuss :slight_smile:

Now I know how to solve my problem. Many thanks for support provided by @frenzy-renegade . That is what I call real support for 5 stars :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Hi all! After a month of trying to solve the situation, I can say the following. When you buy a script, you become a hostage to the seller’s mood. If he wants to, he will revoke the key from your server and your work will be wasted. And no one will help you.
But still I want to say thanks to the CFX team for trying to help me. Hope they can fix this system in the future