Hello there! What is the current status of LibertyM? I’d love to see some compiled binaries as I know a pretty significantly sized-GTA IV community that would love to play around with LibertyM.

I myself, am highly interested in the LibertyM project. :slight_smile:

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Hello again :slight_smile:

The project was pushed back to our backlog a while back, waiting to be picked up again, so ETA is pretty much unknown right now.

But I’m glad to hear about your interest in this project and would love to hear more on this from the community. You see, we need to pick our projects with the little time we have and getting to know what our community want is important in that regard.

Let me know!


I am happy that cfx re still interested to hear and reply to this project
I play fivem but I wish that if liberty m comes as a gta 4 fan I will definitely play it. So please it’s a request make it happen
I hope you guys see this and reply to the post

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I wouldn’t mind if this project was brought to fruition.

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LibertyM would surely be something I would be interested in :slight_smile:


We need LibertyM because we don’t really have anything else that is solid. LibertyM would be perfect for everyone who loves to play Original Gamemodes.


Now is a better time to do it than ever, FiveM is already thriving and flourishing, why not give IV some love and release LibertyM for us to start developing and scripting for? A lot of us prefer IV over V and would love to have the same experiences as FiveM

What Original Gamemodes you have in mind?

RP sure :wink: