Liberty State Roleplay | vMenu Based | Whitelisted LEO, Fire/EMS & Certified Civilian | Custom Framework | Custom clothing for civilians & police | Friendly Members & Staff | Streamer Friendly

Liberty State Roleplay

About US
At Liberty State Roleplay, we want everyone to feel like family and welcome to the community. We take roleplay very seriously at times, but we also want to have fun. Liberty State Roleplay is a new community that began at the end of October and is now accepting applications for all positions. Join the family now and see us grow as a family and community.

Certified Civilian

Server Features
Custom Framework
Custom EUP
Custom Weapons
Custom Scripts
Custom LEO & Fire Vehicles
Ymaps & interiors
Toolbox for LEO and Civilian as well as Fire

Server Information
Discord: Liberty State Roleplay
Server IP: or

Some Server Pics

i am creating a new ESX Strict RP Streamer Friendly Server. Add: ScaredyKat#8900

New community come check us out!