Leo looking for high/low command resume attached

Hello, my name is Jonathan I go by Jay! I am looking for a Leo high/low command position! But why should you choose me I’m just some guy in a post. Well, let’s start with my experience outside of 5M! I have been playing a game called Arma mostly RPG servers! I have at least 5 years of police experience! I have done just about every job a police officer can do there. I am 30 I have been playing MILSIM/Leo Roleplay since I’m about 13. I have been in many Milsim units and many command positions. Now that was simply Arma. My 5M experience is also quite extensive. I have been everything from a deputy to a Deputy Commissioner. I am a disabled firefighter I have all day every day to devote to your server and you! I have been in the Drug Gang Taskforce, The SWAT/SRU/SRT, offroad division, Wildlife preservation, Speed Enforcement, Forensics, Traffic Control, and helicopter operations. That’s my experience and all servers are different so I may need some help adjusting! What can you expect from me? All the free time I have which I have all day every day to devote to making you, the department, and the server a safe and fun place to be! I will bring all my knowledge to bear to build you up and not break you down. I am respectful of the chain of command. I will bring serious roleplay to your server as well.

Please contact me J.Batz#6174for more information!

I run a small Canadian-based community (but American-friendly) RP server.

Check it out, let me know what you think.

sent you a friend request :slight_smile:

Pinnacle RP Come join us to become department lead!


Still lookin