Legion Square Parking Rework


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This package contains a rework of Legion Square Parking, making your parking lot much greener and safer for fast drivers and reckless drivers.

:sparkles: Features

  • Working NPC paths
  • Works well with graphic-enhancing packs
  • Unlocked texture dictionary
  • Detailed textures
  • Working level of detail (LOD)
  • High quality & optimized models

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loved!! did u sell only the trees?

Thank you! It is not just the trees, we created multiple changes, which can all be seen highlighted in the pictures. It gives the car park a more natural feel and look whilst keeping its function intact.

Nice work, kind of just a passing comment, and I don’t think this can be “fixed” without doing a full rework, but the entrances for legion parking are technically wrong, no?

I’ve always wondered why Rockstar made the parking like this. Shouldn’t the entrance and exit be flipped?

I think the primary idea behind this is that cars leaving the park have enough space to properly turn right and sort themselves into a lane.

If you are not satisfied with the default directions, we can make you a version that has them reversed! Please send us a message if you are interested :slight_smile:

Lol it’s no problem, I just always found it a bit odd - good work on this!

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Question is this just a ymap??

No, we have completely renovated the standard parking lot and made it much greener by adding grass and plants



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Does it work with other cube park mlos?

Yes, it should work with other Legion Square Park maps. If you encounter a collision with another map, we will make sure it works properly and fix the collision :slightly_smiling_face: