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Welcome to Legends!

Legends Roleplay is centered around community and generating unique and realistic life roleplay. We like to party and most of our roleplay is focused on generating long-term epic story archs that leave a lasting imprint on the world and server lore (that sometimes physically impact our world). You have the opportunity to become whoever you’d like to be here; whether that be a an outstanding neurosurgeon or a drug dealer who’s just trying to get by, you create your story.

We have a very active admin team who is dedicated to improving the server every day (with frequent changelogs) and a team who approaches server admining with a very “Dungeon Master” type mentality, eager to assist players in generating strong, balanced, and fair content. Our admin team pays close attention to what our players recommend and what they would like to see, even if it’s as small as a pair of shoes, we do our best to implement these things into the server.

Some Features

  • Unique Law Enforcement Team & RP
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Imported Cars
  • Custom Player Housing
  • Illegal Systems
  • Tons of Imported Clothing
  • Financing Options for Cars & Housing
  • Personable Staff Team
  • Activities such as Surfboarding & Skateboarding
  • And much more!

We would love to have you join our ever growing community and help to grow your characters story as well as have you help others characters grow. We’re always looking for new people to give a unique spin to this city. Whether you’re a role-play veteran or brand new to the scene, we’re happy to help you feel as welcome as possible!

Website http://legendsrp.com/
Discord https://discord.gg/legendsroleplay
City Tutorial https://tinyurl.com/LegendsTutorial

Update: 1/26/2021
We’re looking for people who can help out in all areas such as (but not limited to)

- Community Engagement
- Advertising / Media
- Building Custom Vehicles (handling and texture)
- Artwork (custom vectors and PS designs)
- Assisting me with debugging


If you want to catch a glimpse of the lives we live over at Legend Roleplay head on over to our Instagram @LegendRoleplay

With the arrival of Fall and Winter, more clothes are expected to be dropping soon! We also have plenty of player-run events that are put on almost weekly! Recently we were apart of a motorcycle Ride Out to support our local MC and then an incredible ‘Dress to Impress’ party hosted at Bahama Mamas!!


Legends RP is a place you’d want to be no matter the type of day or week or year your having. Its that type of place where its the people that make you fall in love with or the respect that everyone no matter who you are. There is no judgement here you can be who you truly are and the people and admin will accept you for it. There is no dream to big in this city in which why I fell in love with it in the first place. Since day one Legends have been a home a family and more importantly a place for me to relax and chill from all the nonsense in the real world. The Admin are more than just behind the scenes they actually interact with everyone and anyone especially after finding out I was having my daughter they were by my side like family and I forever will love these guys and this city for it. If you aren’t a legend please come join the family you wont regret it.


I have to say Legends Rp is a place you want to call home, Its a place you want to return to because the people around you feel like family. They make you feel warm and welcomed to a new and exciting future into Hardcore Roleplay which is LRP. Anything is possible in the city, and everything can go from calm and relaxing times to seeing police cars race by en route to a call or chase after a fugitive! Where would you make yourself fit inbetween everyone’s storyline? Come check out LRP and find out where the story takes you!


From the long time businesses of LS such as Bahama Mama, Vanilla Unicorn, & Burgershot to the newer and different businesses such as Chow on Mein, The Pearl, Best Buds (pictured), & more; LegendsRP isn’t just an RP server, LegendsRP is a smaller part to a bigger network! If you’re looking for a great place to start your new life, Legends is the place to come! So much to do for fun, for work, and if you like a life of crim there is room for that too!

We are community is constantly growing and we want YOU to come be apart of it too! Stop by and see how you LOVE it… That’s right, you’re not gonna like it…You’re gonna LOVE it! We can’t wait to see you!


LegendsRP is more than just a server. It is a family, a place to call home. LegendsRP is improving every day and has plenty of open opportunities for roleplay of all kinds. There are awesome businesses that are yet to be owned if that is the sort of RP you are in to, there are many different types of criminal RP, Life RP, Law Enforcement RPs, Medical RPs, etc. Everyone is so kind, caring and supportive. Legends is the best community I have ever been apart of and I am so grateful for it. We are still a rather small community so join now to get a head start! I promise you that you will love it here. It is amazing.


I’m back again because I’ve got more to tell you!
Usually you visit servers and people are soooo stand off ish and kinda rude, its truly distasteful. But in Legends, everyone as a community helps everyone.
There is just sooooo much to do, you will never be bored. From crim to civ life this is TRULY second life RP! If you’re looking for a place to live you second life as fabulously as you want, this is the place to be.
Every day just keeps getting better and better! Did I mention that we have a movie theater AND a drive in? Movie night coming soon! Come join our discord to be sure that youre up to date and in the loop so you don’t miss it!


We have incredible opportunities available and just waiting for you! Have a unique idea for a business of your own? We love new ideas and love facilitating your custom content. We also recently reintroduced BCSO and are looking for more deputies!


I need to start this off by saying that best thing about this server is the community, you can be NEW to the server and be welcomed from the friendliest community I’ve ever been apart of. You can stir things around on the streets or be the sweetest person ever, you will be treated the same and become part of the community immediately. People work really hard to RP and create new and interesting story lines. There’s always something tying your interest to the city. I’ve spent so much of my quarantine time just having a blast with a great bunch of people.

Why LegendsRP?

Many ways to make money such as owning your own business or hustling in the streets! We have player owned businesses that are unique and community supported which really makes Legends stand out from other cities and don’t forget they have many illegal jobs too :sunglasses:

We support Equality! We welcome the fact that people have different views, live different lives and come from different backgrounds! Pride party below

We have tons of hair styles, cars & CUSTOMIZED clothing!! Grove Street, The MC and other gangs/businesses have their own clothing.


Our story lines are not limited to one topic, we cover comedy, gang roleplay, romance and many more!

In all, you will find a warm environment where players and staff are friendly and helpful. The server prides itself on having a solid RP foundation, whereby immersion, quality, and respect are of importance. If you stick around on the server, you will find comedy, fun and realistic RP that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. I would highly encourage you to check out LegendsRP if you are looking for an entertaining, welcoming city and a new city to call home on FiveM.


Legends. If you had to ask me what LegendsRP means to me I would say that I found a loving family that accepts me for who I am, I found a family that will always be there for me. Legends is home to me and I never want to change that. The community in this server is amazing for the amount of months I have been here, I have made so many memories that will last a life time I will never forget them. The first day I joined this server I felt welcomed into a new family the amount of effort and kindness in this server makes me want to stay forever I never want to leave. As an officer in this server I deal with basically everyone and all I can say they are kind and loving.


The Original Legend Roleplay! Our community hosts player-run events almost every weekend!

Our growing Motorcycle Club, the DeathKnights just purchased Yellow Jacks and have hosted a few get-togethers! Stop by and play some darts! They’re also looking for prospects to be new members!

Bahama Mama’s has also recently undergone new ownership, most recently hosting a slew of events their first-ever Rave (just the first of many, we’re sure!). Unique mixed drinks will be available for purchase soon thanks to their great mixology/bartending skills!


Content creators also welcome! Aside from enjoying each other’s company and throwing incredible parties, we have a huge amount of opportunities and depth behind the scenes! Make beats? can you sing? production and affects more your thing? Let legends facilitate it in your roleplay!

Check us out!


I’ve found a great home here at Legends! The staff here has been such a breath of fresh air. They really listen to the community and work hard to give us what we want. I’ve had so much fun with just goofing off and dealing with real issue in RP, there’s so much potential in this city for any life you want to live.

I love the snow right now! Truly helps me feel in the Christmas spirit!


It’s now snowing in Los Santos for winter! Make sure to dress warm! Stop by the Coffee shop for a warm cappuccino! We’re also selling limited edition snowmobiles! Only available during the winter season!

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If you need more proof to if legends is the right answer let me hit you with real life testimonial. Legends is home is happiness and friendship its most importantly family. Im excited about year 2021 with the legends community. Its been amazing and exciting and im ready for all thats coming our way. Legends today legends tomorrow legends forever. Noone comes close


Legends Roleplay is expanding our staff team and looking for self-driven individuals who want to help build and grow the amazing Legends Network community.

We’re looking for people who can help out in all areas such as (but not limited to)

- Community Engagement
- Advertising / Media
- Building Custom Vehicles (handling and texture)
- Artwork (custom vectors and PS designs)
- Assisting me with debugging

If you’re interested just let us know by submitting a ticket in the Discord. We’ll ask that if you are serious, you start hanging around a bit so we can get to know you.

Discord Link

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The legends network has given me more than just a place to game but a family to count on whenever you need. Greatest people on earth are apart of this community and if your not apart of it what and wherw have you been doing with you life. Many may copy us but none can be us. #LEGENDS-NETWORK for life.


Being able to see such growth in community and developmental work on all fronts, is simply amazing. Not many communities create the camaraderie and grow over the past year is amazing. between having game nights together like families do. to the hardcore chases on the streets of los santos, theres something for everyone! no reason to not check it out