Last build update made controllers act abnormally [FiveM]

Since the new build update controllers vibrate way too strongly.

Yesterday it was working fine.

I also made sure that it was only doing this in FiveM.
I tried playing the normal gta5 and other games and my controller was working fine.

I restarted my computer and reconnect my controller many times but it changed nothing.

the controller really started doing this since the last update on the 15th

Doesn’t look like a valid bug report since no actual info is provided other than ‘it’s only fivem, duh’ and ‘it’s the last update’ nonsense.

FYI: your controller probably has a feature called trigger haptics. You may not have noticed it before since most PC games don’t support it, including ‘normal’ GTA V.

Play on an Xbox for a change and you’ll notice it actually being ‘normal’ to have this in GTA V.