Laser Sight (Networked)

Laser Sight (10$)

Add laser sights to your guns ! Network synced !

Video available here : FiveM - Laser Sight - YouTube
You can test our scripts for free here : Nabla Testing Server /


:white_check_mark: Add version check


:white_check_mark: Network sync v2 (Uses StateBags now, even less heavy on the client)


:white_check_mark: Draw laser from gun to aimed point
:white_check_mark: Customizable color (Normal, Night Vision, Thermal Vision)
:white_check_mark: Customizable control (Uses RegisterKeyMapping)
:white_check_mark: Network sync (Uses DecorRegister, not heavy on the network at all)
:white_check_mark: Blacklist weapons
:white_check_mark: Customize offset of the laser relative to the weapon (all weapons are already pre-configured)

:warning: Uses around 0.1ms per laser, so we implemented a limit to the number of lasers drawn

(Uses FiveM Asset Escrow system)


hey i purchased but dont know how to activate the laser on my gun

You simply need to press “G”

I’m getting this error

You need to update your server

Can you please dm on how to update it

Download version 4752 from here and replace your server files

Ok thanks a lot man

@Theycallmekilo What is the difference between your release and mine other than yours is paid and mine is free? [Standalone] Laser sight script


As stated in the feature list :
This script is networked, meaning all players see each others
The color of the laser changes if you have thermal or night vision
The laser is visible if you’re not aiming, using the true orientation of the weapon
You can blacklist weapons so that user can’t activate the laser on them
The offsets of the laser are pre-configured for each weapon

I tried you script to be honest and felt that some features were lacking so I decided to create one with everything I wanted

I just want to say it was well worth the price! It’s the best laser script out. You took your time to edit every guns laser settings. It’s accurate from up close and at a distance! I just have one further question how do you toggle night vision or thermal? I love it!


Thank you for taking the time to give a feedback, glad you enjoy it

Thermal/night visions aren’t included in this script. What is included however is the change of color of the lasers if another script activates them


:white_check_mark: Network sync v2 (Uses StateBags now, even less heavy on the client)


:white_check_mark: Add version check

I updated artifacts still cant get it to show any idea? not getting any errors?


Do you see the keybind under :
Pause Menu > Settings > Controls > FiveM ?

Nope I got it too work … don’t run “laser-script” if you have that resource with the green light for the taser client side

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