Laser Sight + Flash Light Combo With Infrared Night Vision Logic - JaysWeaponLightSights (v3.x)

Is it possible on Discord?

Yes, jaymontana36 on Discord

This has received a few updates!

Changes made since the last update publication/posting:

  • Now supports a few more additional weapons out of the box by default
  • Now supports all custom weapons that are using custom components
  • Optimized some checks and logic to be both quicker and more efficient, as well as implemented a few more additional internal caches (faster execution via remembering aka less work) to help even further.
  • Fixed a small bug/issue which had to do with vehicles
  • Removed some code that became unused/useless

Changes made since the last update publication/posting (from V3.0 to V3.1):

  • Combat rolling now (finally) affects the laser/flash (just like I wanted it to from the start, now that I’ve managed to finally figure out how to detect combat rolling in progress).