Welcome to Las Vandalism
We are a new FiveM Server established in March of 2022. Although we are very new to the server development scene, our team are roleplay veterans. We have been dedicated to working on our city for the citizens and have developed rather quickly. We are not just a “Serious Roleplay” server but are a “Life Roleplay” server. We are big on immersion and want everything to flow the way it would in real life. Embody your character and grow with them, the sky is the limit in our city!

Whitelisted Server
A whitelist ensures that our community is aware of the standard of roleplay while in the city. It also helps avoid unwanted attacks from hackers, etc. If you are interested in applying check our DISCORD under the #server-rules section, fill out the form and create a staff ticket once completed.

We have MANY various features available to those who decide to settle in the city of Las Vandalism.

  • Player Dependent Economy
  • Custom Drugs
  • Custom Housing
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Import Cars for ALL!
  • More Criminal Activities
  • Many, many, MANY Events!
  • Judiciary & Congress System

We have an active developer who is putting their best effort day in and day out to make the city as immersive as possible. We currently have our foundation up for the city and plan on implementing better and more features as the city grows!

As a newfound community, we have A LOT of goals in mind. We really want to create a healthy environment where everyone can get together and have a true roleplay experience. Some of these goals include:

  • Achieve a player count average of 20+
  • Become well known in the Five M Roleplay Community
  • Create our own scripts from scratch
  • Create a balance with legal and criminal RP
  • Include everyone in an immersive roleplay experience

We are passionate about fulfilling these goals and will do what we can in order to achieve them as soon as possible!

Interested in joining our community!?
We would LOVE to invite anyone and everyone passionate about a true roleplay experience with open and welcoming arms! Like said before, we are a new and developing community so please be patient with us as we try to fix up all the bugs. We do hope that you decide to join our community and help us grow and become one of the best in the FiveM Roleplay Universe.

Discord is one of the most important things you will need to join in order to get all the main information about our city. Here you will be able to find our rules, basic server information and more! You can join our DISCORD by clicking the highlighted. If that doesn’t work the link is .

Closing Statements
Thank you for the interest in our city! We hope you decide to join and become one with our community! We will continue to work and update our city so that it may stay fresh. Have a good day!! Also make sure to check out the forum regularly in order to see some updates or elaborations


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