Lagging and stuttering

Hi guys. I’m experiencing lag and stutters while playing FiveM. Singleplayer mode is ok, no lag, no drop fps, same with the “original” multiplayer mode. This problem happens just when i’m playing FiveM. My HDD goes to 100% usage, and i think this is the reason of the stutter. It gets impossible to play, sometimes the stutter takes 10s of frozen image.

Rig setup:

CPU: i5 4460 (stock)
GPU: GTX 970 PNY (overclocked)
RAM: 2x4GB 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance (stock)

My game is legit, and i dont think this is a problem with my rig, since i play a lot of games without a problem.

sry for by my bad english, brazilian dude talking haha.

I really like FiveM, it has things we can’t have in normal multiplayer… so, please guys, help me find this problem

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