Lag Spikes when any in-game message is displayed

I have recently been getting major lag spikes when a message shows up on the screen. It sometimes causes the game to freeze and then resume playing

Hi @Hollow_Team! Please make sure you fill out the support template when creating a thread!

Do you have any mods/plugins installed?

Only Lambda Menu is installed.

Do you have any mods/scripts in your GTAV directory? Keep in mind; Lambda is not supported by FiveM, so this could be the cause of lag also!

GTAV Directory is cleaned because I wanted to play FiveM

Can you provide me with a screenshot of your GTAV folder, FiveM folder, and FiveM Application Data folder? Also, please try removing the Lambda menu to see if this fixes your issue!

I found the issue, the game needed to be in full screen, but when I tried to fix the problem, the game just crashes so I guess I will be waiting a while to play

There is a bug currently with some people crashing while being in full screen, or not being able to get in full screen. The devs are working on fixing the issue.

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