LACMRP | Los Angeles City Mature RP Community

Los Angeles City Mature RP Community

Professionalism - Maturity - Realism

Hello, and welcome to the Los Angeles City Mature RP Community!

Here is some useful server information you may want to know:

  • We are server side menu based.

  • We have four departments to choose from: LAPD (Law Enforcement), Civilian Department, LAFD (Fire & EMS), and Communications.

  • We have high quality custom police vehicles.

  • We have a high quality and professional CAD/MDT system.

  • We utilize a customized version of EUP for our uniforms.


  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Los Angeles Fire Department
  • Communications Division
  • Civilian Department


LAPD Application:

*The Civilian Department is currently open to the public. If you have interest in either Fire or Communications we encourage you to contact us via Discord.

We are a newer community that is looking to grow and expand on all fronts. As a community member, you will have the ability to grow and showcase your RP abilities and creativity. Our staff is committed to upholding a standard of respect, maturity, and dedication. We look forward to seeing you in server!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we encourage you to contact us via Discord.


Server Direct Connect IP:




Bump, looking for members to fill all roles including Civ, Leo, Dispatch, Fire/EMS.

Bump, looking for committed members to fill all departments. Be apart of something great!

Still looking to grow and fill slots in all departments…Come check us out and enjoy playing with skilled, mature people. Grow with in the community and see that you will have plenty of opportunity for advancement!

How many members y’all got?

Bump @DogsTrippenCards currently we have 16 members. Again we are not a large or established community we are a new community.

We’re still actively recruiting all departments. We’re a new community looking to grow and we need YOU the dedicated members. Our staff is very friendly and open to ALL suggestions. Think you have what it takes to lead a department? This is your chance!