🎲 L.A. Noire RP | Realistic Roleplay, Normalized Economy, Custom Cars, Active Development

I’m having issues joining the server, it says my steam account does not meet the requirements to play in the server, I’m assuming its cus of a game ban in rust, if you can help my discord is Dixon#5682

I really did enjoy this server for the time I was on it. but I got banned for being under the age limit (which I am not just have a high voice) but if you don’t have a high voice I would greatly recommend it

AngeredZone#8830 Hey can you guys help me i can’t connect to the discord. I connected fivm with it to still not working.

I try to join the discord and the noire rp prompt pops up for split second and then goes away. In short it wont let me join. Thanks for your time