🔥L.A. HEIGHTS RP [18+] | Serious RP | Whitelisted Jobs | Custom Player Owned Businesses | Custom Housing | Gang System +Wars | Fully Custom Drug System | Expansive Civ Life

L.A. HEIGHTS ROLEPLAY is a serious roleplay city dedicated to being the backbone to your endless oppurtunities and wildest stories! Come to a City you can call home and create various stories and have fun doing it! Currently under development with an active staff team ready to help you with any situation you might come across.

Discord Server:

FiveM Link to join

                        ***What’s there to offer?***
  • Several civilian jobs ranging from multiple different jobs like Computer Building, Mining, .
  • Whitelisted civilian jobs ranging from lawyers, judges, CHP, LAPD and more.
  • Active Law Enforcement Officers & Staff team.
  • Upcoming & active community.
  • Developers ready to create custom scripts for your story!
  • Several criminal activities, along with Whitelisted Gangs, Gang Blocks, and Gang.
  • In depth activities ranging from illegal drugs to illegal activities and civilian activities.
  • Streamer friendly community.
  • We welcome all people from different places and hope you can consider this A Place To Call Home.
  • Further information about our city is inside our discord server or website.
  • Some activities range from Metal Detecting, Paintball, Bowling, Mini-Golf, Housing/Televisions!

Come join the fun today!

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This is one of the better cities ive been in and has really good management and owner!!!

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Its been alot of fun watching this city grow. The staff is fast and efficient so thats always a huge plus. There is also alot to do besides just cops and robbers, come give it a go.