A clothing store


Dans se script il est possible de :

  • Définir des points de shops CIV + Shop de gilet par balle ( pour police )
  • Créer une tenue
  • Supprimer des tenues
  • Acheter des vêtements 1 a 1
  • Retirer 1 vêtement 1 a 1
  • Mettre 1 vêtement 1 a 1
  • Donner des vêtements
  • Supprimer des vêtements
  • Renommer des vêtements
  • Inventaire de vêtements avec limite max de vêtements
  • Refresh du skin
  • Refresh Tattoos

In this script it is possible to:

  • Define points of shops CIV + Shop of bulletproof vest (for police)
  • Create an outfit
  • Delete outfits
  • Buy clothes 1 by 1
  • Remove 1 item of clothing 1 by 1
  • Put on 1 item of clothing 1 by 1
  • Give clothes
  • Remove clothes
  • Rename clothes
  • Clothing inventory with maximum clothing limit
  • Skin refresh
  • Refresh Tattoos

My tebex

I think 25€ with taxes is a little too much for this. However is it well optimized? In resmon what is the ms?

25€ for a clotheshop with esx_menu_default. :cold_face:

Uhh, not sure about that price lol

Good Job! :slight_smile:

Good job, but way too expensive for something that already exists for free using esx menu

should be free honestly.

Hello :slight_smile:

this is what you asked me

No script does the same.
The scripts that I can see, just put on the last item of clothing worn.
In mine, it’s absolutely not like that.
You have a clothing inventory, and you can wear whatever clothing you want at any time

Price too high… Script is not really optimized and in ESX_Menu_Default…

I use this because the others consume much more …

0.04 / 0.05 is little for the possibilities.

It’s weird, but does the script Parow put on Tebex look strongly?

idk if it’s the same. Maybe better design