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Kookaburra Roleplay, a new and custom server for you to explore!

Here at Kookaburra Roleplay, we are open to anyone who wants to roleplay with us! We have custom scripts, vehicles, and clothing for you to use to create amazing roleplay scenes. We are an economy-based server with unique ways to make money in the server. While we have the standard jobs that you can be employed in, we also have customs jobs where you gather resources around the map where you can craft those resources into better resources to sell or use for your own criminal needs. We have a vast range of activities that you can participate in no matter what your roleplaying as, whether it’s a game of golf which some characters you just met, or go hunting in the deep woods of Paleto Bay, or even cover your body in tattoos!

We are open to whatever you want to roleplay and we wont limit your imagination! Whether one of your characters undermines the justice system as a corrupt police officer, or you protect the innocent in court as a lawyer, or if you want to be a pilot and fly people around the state. Or even if you want to run a trucking business that keeps the state’s fuel stations running. We will support whatever you want to roleplay in our unique and growing economy!

What do we have to offer?

At Kookaburra Roleplay, we offer a server that is rich in opportunities for you to make money through the legal market or the dark market, we have dozens of custom scripts for you to explore and find the many opportunities that each one offers. Whether you are crafting weapons for personal use or to sell on the black market you are cover, wanting to sell deluxe meats at the local markets that you collected while hunting, or whether you’re going to buy cars and do them up before selling them for double the price to other players!

Do you want to be the richest person in the city? Do you want to own a house and make it home by furnishing it? Do you want to grow the underground market and sell custom, hand-crafted weapons? Do you want to fight the cops as a lawyer? Do you want to lock up criminals as a police officer? Do you want to own the fastest car and host street races? Do you want to run the most notorious gang in the city?

We have lots of custom buildings to increase roleplay, like our custom police station or our custom Los Santos customs, or our custom gang hideouts. We have custom housing interiors for you to use to show off your expensive new home or we have accessible motel rooms if you want to live somewhere for cheap.

There is lots to do in our city whether you cover yourself in tattoos with our custom tattoo script, craft the badest weapons and own the city, collect resources and sell them for a source of income, work as a government employee, go hunting with friends, play a game of golf with them, or go head to head in street races. Supply the cities underground drug market or chop player’s vehicles and sell the parts off, or buy and upgrade the fastest cars in the game, own every helicopter, truck and boat and use them in any way you want. You can rob the local 24/7 with our custom robbery script where you interact with the store owner before hitting their safe and running off with your money!

Our server is a platform for you to develop your characters, interact with other characters, and find new opportunities for you to explore!

So what are you waiting for join us today at https://discord.gg/tRJ4Eq8RmD and start your application to roleplay with us!


Along with custom buildings for you to roleplay in, we also have a fully implemented custom hud system perfect for getting that perfect screenshot, and getting the information you want, where you want in roleplay. Plus it looks awesome!


No matter which department you join, whether it be LEO, Fire/EMS/Rescue or Civilian, we are always working to make your experience a fun and smooth one! Our custom clothing, vehicles, buildings and scripts will be sure to enhance your roleplay experience, no matter what life you choose, or what you roleplay!

So what are you waiting for join us today at the discords link above and start your application to roleplay with us!


We’ve got a lot of things to do if you choose to roleplay as a civ! In fact, you can really roleplay almost anything! Bring your friends along and make it fun. Open a business, work a job, or go more the illegitimate side of things. It’s all open to your imagination! Our multi character system allows you to roleplay as multiple characters if you so wish!