Koil-golf (updated 12/8)

Does this work with VRP?


This will destroy the golf club, its used via attachment, its not an actual item. Also it should work with any framework.


Amazing work! Never thought this would be possible in FiveM :slight_smile:

Possible to bring in tennis? :o

Read replies and it will probably get you your answer :wink:

Little bug i get here using your golf on my server : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/209497436
If a player use the golf, and quit it, then repeat it three or more times you can see that my power is clearly too strong and i get an incredible shot.

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I watched you make this on Twitch!

Doesn’t work when multiple people are use it, its sad this hasn’t been updated :frowning:

Atleast say thanks you have the base script, be creative and fix them yourself.

The caddy didin’t dissapier when I end the golf

When I get out of the car to play I can’t get in again.

how can i make it pay for golf?

Hello ! just wondering… What could i add to make sure the golf cart despawn? When i stop the golf game it stay there on the waypoint. I wanna avoid having 1000 cart laying around :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha you encountered this did you?

script not working , can u help pls ?

im drop folder scripts and ensure but still not working

i have resource file but cmd show up "couldn’t find resource fivem-koil-golf’ , can u help me ?

I m working on it to fix bugs and add a off limit area or water with a penalty and opportunity for player to drop a New ball to continue.
I will publish when ready if you have other ideas for improve it let me know.

AlbertoGolf.rar (11.7 KB)

My version include :

  • Small reorganization / clean but could be better.
  • Fix overpower bug
  • Add off limit / in water automatic redrop with penalty using POLYZONE (u need it in ressources also for make it work)
  • Using fxmanifest

Have fun

TODO LIST for next release :

  • table of score of all holes during a game
  • mapping of club house
  • tbd…
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Update !

  • Rework of UX
  • Remove useless ball when game end
  • Reduce distance between hole and ball to accept as inside

AlbertoGolf.rar (11.9 KB)


qbcore supported?