Kofkof hud

Modern and simple HUD for FiveM Qbus servers.

The HUD contains 6 small hexagons which represents different status.

Status indicators:

  • Voice detection (when speaking changes to green)
  • Health (red)
  • Armor (blue)
  • Hunger (orange)
  • Thirst (aqua)
  • Stress (purple)

Purchase: [HERE]

Do not change the name of the resource or it will not work.

Warning: This script only works with QBus.


  • qbus essentials (Not a script, just the qbus framework)
  • qb-core




Product image (Ignore):

Is this for leaked qbus server or for qbcore?

Looks pretty clean, Able to make it black and White?

qbcore i think

You can change the colors on the css and js file

lol you “think”? who made this if you are not sure


looks very similar to hexahud…

Hey! HexaHud was inspire from this

Hi, HexaHud was inspired by this to provide you with a free alternative.

this is paid hexa is free