KnuckleHead RP Serious RP Optimized just opened Gangs Houses Active Development

KnuckleHead RP is a serious roleplay community with a focus on a realistic economy and experience. We are a large and welcoming community that offers something for both new and experienced players! Our goal is to have a fun and immersive environment for everyone. We have an active development team that strives to create a unique experience and a dedicated staff that bring years of experience from all types of backgrounds and games.

Our Favorite Features:

Utilizing FiveM’s OneSync Infinity & Beyond Platform
Extremely Stable Server Framework
Realistic & Serious Roleplay
Realistic Economy Balancing
EUP Clothing Enabled
Custom Player Owned Houses
Custom Player Owned Businesses
Custom EUP Clothing Options
Custom Police MDT/CAD System
Custom Vehicles & Liveries
Custom Legal & Illegal Jobs
Unique Jobs
Hidden Illegal Activities
Robberies & Heists
Financing For Houses, Businesses, and Cars!
Professional Development Team
Dedicated & Experienced Staff
…and more!


State Police
Fire & Rescue
Department of Corrections
Department of Justice
Weazel News
…and many more!

Check out the many pictures and stories that members of our community have posted below on our topic. Once you’re ready, head over to our Discord and join our community!
Discord KHRP

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