KLoad Loading Screen - Fully Configurable!

Hello guys!

Here’s a loading screen I created recently, hope you enjoy it, it is fully configurable, feel free to watch the demos to see how it works

Main Features:

  • Fully configurable
  • A rarely seen loading bar (Logo/Text)
  • Video/Image slideshow background
  • Music
  • Social Networks
  • Messages
  • Source code

Demo #1
Demo #2
Demo #3

Buy it here

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask it!

i just bought, why is so heavy’ 247mb?, and on Virus total appears as al malware?

Hey @jaystar84 :wave:

Thanks for your purchase !

"Why is so heavy?” Because I completely forgot to reduce the length and to compress the example background video, that can be found in “assets/video”
I’ll update it in like 4-5 hours (after work)

There is only html, css, js, fonts, mp3 and mp4, so I don’t know why virustotal found a malware

Have a nice day!

so i only have to change the video?

You can change it if you want, but when I precise in the fxmanifest.lua “To change”, that means you can change it if you want, I think I’ll change the formulation too

is ready the update?,i want to use on my server

I’m uploading it, i’ll send you an email in few minutes, sorry for the wait

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