Kingz Society RolePlay

We are looking for new Supervisors and Command members! Opportunities are available in all departments!!!

Opened in January of 2023, Kingz Roleplay is a public FiveM (Vmenu based) community seeking to provide a unique, entertaining experience for each and every one of our members! Our priorities include a simplistic, professional user experience; a friendly, engaging environment; a dedicated, accessible staff team; and exceptional, exclusive assets. We are always looking for new members to join our close-knit family!

Can I stream / record patrols?

A: Absolutely! However, before you do this, you must request approval from the social media team. This is to ensure the content is up to our high standards!

B: We do have a age limit of 16 or 16+ for are members. No questions about it…

We look at things from a realistic standpoint… You can fear something or you can not fear something, it comes down to your characters background whether or not players will fear something. We allow players to spend a lottery win on whatever they please regardless of their civil standing. What makes us different is the freedom of roleplay here in Kingz Society Roleplay so long as you follow our standards of serious RP. There are no favorites, there are no protected players. Kingz Society Roleplay is your new home away from home!

Discord : Kingz Society Roleplay
FiveM Server IP

What we have to offer

• Gangs

• EMS/Fire Fighting

• Dark Web

• Custom Clothing

• Houses Available For Purchase

• Wide variety of import vehicles + fresh imports

• Criminal Activity’s

• Active Server Development

• Active Admins

• And much more!

this is one of the better sever ive played i can tell that a lot of time and effort went into this sever and i want to see this sver go some where