Kind Community, Boring RP Server

Firstly, this community is actually very nice. The people in it are very welcoming and help you get integrated very quickly. Unfortunatley, as an RP server, it’s not well planned out and executed. The restart happened because they believed people weren’t joining because everyone was millionaires; they reset the economy as well as took lots of things out and put some new things in with the promise of pumping out tons of updates. However, with the economy reset, they didn’t change anything with drug economy, specifically the things that people were making millions off of in the last server. Not to mention a gang’s super drug that cost $751 to make and >$3000 sold wasn’t locked off and open to anyone who found it, which, makes people millions in less than an hour and kills the RP for that gang. So this server’s economy has already returned to a lot of people being millionaires in less than a month. This time, though, the millionaires or anyone else for that matter, have nothing to do. There has been little to no updates other than a train being added (which serves 0 RP purpose). I understand that people get busy, but it’s not the first time there was promises of putting out tons of updates and not delivering, it’s a regular occurance. I don’t even need to get into the admin team being ban happy or the cops being W chasers with no leanacy for RP (unless they’re getting the win) as that’s already been stated in other reviews. Do I recommend the community, yes. Do I recommend the RP server, no not unless things change for the better in the future.


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