My Name is killeryoyo and i live in Egypt, I have followed many multiplayer mods and was playing FiveM long ago. I hope to know everyone of you and be friendly with you guys. I also hope this mod continues and be good!

Also the third project i’ve seen you at, you were always a nice guy happy your here! :smile:

good to see that you all moved on here to continue your work i hope ti see the mod succeed and hopefully well have a stable client in no time , any word on an actual release ? or n/a atm

@GanjaMonster WIthin a few days release will come :wink:

whole new client ? will it work with steam / pirated / retail copies like multi5 did ? i don’t mind a pirate copy only then we won’t have to rely on social club etc

@GanjaMonster Pirated copies should work, however don’t quote me on that.

yea hopefully it works with both i got both just tired of all the issues with connectivity

@GanjaMonster When logging in with SC? That is not neccesary anymore.

ok cool will there be server side streaming ??? or we need our own mods folder etc

@GanjaMonster That already works :wink:

woooot i couldn’t get it to work on the multi5 was it just disabled ?

@GanjaMonster It didnt work with that yet, however now it works :smile:a

man i just want to start playing multiplayer im tired of my xbox one Rockstar updates bs , i can’t wait, u need testers :slight_smile:

@GanjaMonster We have enough testers for now, when we need more we will surely make sure everyone knows :smile:

no worries haha just wanted to ask maybe get some early access xD

Hello killeryoyo, see you around the servers when mod is live :smiley:

@kanersps what exactly happened to

@viperkill They thought a FIveM fork would be better then what they were making.

that topic changed to asking thread or wot :open_mouth:

@kanersps is this script still working? How do you set it up to work?
Also do you @kanersps do custom scripts? I had Albo set me up with police scripts and some customization, would you be able to do some custom work?