Keymaster: Could not resolve the IP specified

Why does not choose the type of home hosted to which is clicked because I get this error Could not resolve the IP specified someone knows how to fix it?

If you go to my post and reply with your IP I can take a look into why it is not resolving for you…

I had to make a 2nd account because I could not reply but I’m having the same problem with my ipv4

post your IP on my thread…

search up and use the displayed ip their, if its the same to your cmd prompt then i dont know, check with your isp.


Thank You mister

That is a local IP, you need your Public IP address. will show you your Public IP (make sure to open that webpage on your server, not your local computer).

That’s a local network ip address

im having the same issue , i used my public IP (47.219x.x) , get an unresolved error.

i am having the same problem

Thx its working

where can you find the ip adress and how do i know what to put in

and how can i know what server provider i am using??

ok i found out what my ip adress is but it doesnt work