Keyboard binding

After last update a old problems is back: can’t change forward key W to Z (AZERTY keyboard)

So i can’t play Fivereborn anymore :frowning:

This has nothing to do with FiveReborn but with your GTA V in general. Try binding the keys in Single Player. Shut down the game and try out FiveReborn.

Thing happens on people that dont use qwerty keyboard, gta has a loooooad of keys to reconfigure, and with official version, it comes directly right for the language’s keyboard (AZERTY for me).
To be playable, we have to close the game, change keyboard layout on windows to qwerty, and play fivem in “fake qwerty”. Then ze tqlk like thqt cquse ze type fqst like ,otherfuckers.

Where is kept the keyboard bindings in fivem/gta?