Key Master help please

i messed up and clicked the wrong email when making an account on here and started making a server. Thats when i realized it was the wrong email account, i went to delete it. But i forgot to disable the home hosted server i made, Is there a way to get back in to that specific keymaster and disable that server???

You cant “delete” server keys, but you can inactivate them. Once inactivated, the key will not work on the server its used on anymore. If you want to use a new key, simply make a new FiveM account, log in with that account on keymaster and make a new key.

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thats my issue i forgot to deactivate on the other account and now it wont let me make a server i can get on thats home hosted so i can start learning some of this stuff

Ah i see. Cant you go back to your old account and deactivate it that way?

no i was not thinking when i went about it and i deleted that account

i just need to unlink the txadmin from the account i deleted