Kevin_M16's Server Family | Zombies | Roleplay & Freeroam

Hello everyone!

I would like to tell you all about a server family which has been up for over 2 years now and has had its ups and downs, we offer two types of servers for you all to play on!

Join link: [Kevin_M16] ☠ Zombie Apocalypse Freeroam ☠ | No Allowlist |Custom Maps | Zombies | vMenu | Freeroam Only | Join /

Its like any other Freeroam server with Vmenu support & Zombies nothing overcomplicated straight to the point, with Vmenu, you can do everything you’d like, within limitations of the rules ofc!

Join link: [Kevin_M16] ☠ Zombie Apocalypse ☠ | Allowlist |Custom Maps | Zombies | vMenu | RP Only | NO RDM | Join /

We are mostly proud of our light sandbox roleplay server, where we have factions and custom assets rewarded to anybody who wishes to apply for a faction and stays dedicated to the server. Its Vmenu based and our staff team works around the clock to ensure the rules are followed!, there are no frameworks as of yet such as ESX or Cubis, but in the near future we are planning on it.

The maps are created by our own map developers custom fitting them to our servers needs so that you get the best most optimized experience, Optimization for us is really important, and we are always aiming to improve!

Please come by and give it a shit you might even enjoy it.

See you around! Take it easy!