Kentucky State RP | In Development | | Needing Developers & Department Heads

Welcome everyone to Kentucky State Roleplay FiveM forum post. On behalf of our founders team, we are proud to announce after 2 weeks of countless hours of development, and gallons of coffee, we are launching soon, on 2/28/2021 or sometime before.

What are we?

Kentucky State Roleplay Is a FiveM Roleplaying community focused on the equal combination of First Responder / Civilian Roleplay. We are all proud to say we are dedicated to Professionalism, Merit, And Respect and those things will get you a long way in KSRP. From start to finish of someones roleplay, everyone will be treated fairly, with respect, and with the courtesy they each as individuals deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission here at KSRP is to provide quality and professional roleplay for all the people that would like to be a member of our community. To do this, We train all of our Law Enforcement officers, and firefighters to the highest of standards, and to a 1-2 Ratio of Real Life, cause this is a game nothing can be 1-1. We would like to have everyone go through courses, lessons, and Field Training of their job, making the people that are out on the streets of Kentucky knowledgeable within the Law Enforcement, and Fire aspect of the community. Everyone will be trained very well and will be evaluated to make sure they can each roleplay on their own.

How To Join

Kentucky State Police

The Kentucky State Police is a group of dedicated individuals who are relentless, brave, and daring individuals. The KSP are highway warriors, basically they patrol main roads and miles and miles of open highway, protecting and keeping the common KY traffic routes free of collisions, criminal mischief, and speeding pedestrians.

KSP Screenshots

McCracken County Sheriff’s Office

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office are the deputies within the County of McCracken. Citizens look up to these deputies as the main Law Enforcement in the whole county. MCSO have the jurisdiction of McCracken (Sandy Shores, Grapeseed and anything that goes north of those 2 towns). The MCSO also are there to serve warrants and protect the state prison that lies within the county.

MCSO Screenshots

Paducah Police Department
The Paducah Police Department is responsible for making sure all people in Paducah are following traffic laws and responding to various calls throughout Paducah more to come…

PPD Screenshots

Paducah Fire Department

The Paducah Fire Department are the main line of defense for any Fire, Medical, or HazMat type callouts. Here to save lives and fight fires.

PFD Screenshots


Oh boy, anyone looking to go run a farm, rack up money by being a drug kingpin in Paducah, or running the mafia within McCracken County, this department lets your imagination run wild, giving you the ability to make your own scenarios for everyone within the community to enjoy!

Civ Screenshots

Coming Soon!

Kentucky Emergency Communications

The Kentucky Emergency Communications are the first line of defense, the first people that get called in the line of saving lives. These operators are very highly trained to use our CAD/MDT and give medical, and law enforcement advise to those who need it over the phone.


-Dedicated Server Hosting
-Advanced Cad
-4 Fully custom Non ELS Fleets
-Scene Management Menu
-Fully custom documents and roster sheets
-Fully Developed Teamspeak
-Dedicated group of Founders
-Custom, Server Sided EUP 8.1 in menu
-Dedicated Development Group
-Fully working Fire Script

Thank you for looking at this post, and we hope to see you in roleplay when server launches <3

Awesome server love it custom cars and EUP I recommend you try this server out


Everyone that sees this should join the server its gonna be great.

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ant keep om kick me

he say keep he a cops

Never. Mind. Thanks u

just if me name discord

hi try you join you r discord say no t there need some help

Needing members. Come on and give us a chance. Hiring all ranks

Hey bro are you still looking for a developer???

Well I am needing help with some basic things go on ahead and add me. Trooper Crabman#0001

add me too NmN#8466