🔮 Karma Roleplay! | New (Opening in Feb) | Public | 18+ | QBCore | Serious RP | Custom Vehicles and Clothes | Casino | Housing | Illegal Activities | discord.gg/wDM9pFvvYt


Karma RP is a serious RP server on QBCore framework. Our server is made by experienced role players who wanted to create a fun and safe environment for all new and experienced role players to call home. We encourage players to create stories and evolve their characters and we are focused on providing content and immersion to create storylines to keep you coming back for more.

Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly, and engaging environment for our members. We have zero tolerance for toxicity. Judgment-free zone here! Play whoever you wish. We’re lgbtqia friendly!

Although we are new, we are confident and proud that we have established a solid foundation for our community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! We look forward to meeting you!

1063789934667911228 You must be 18+ to join!

We are currently in development but will be opening in February.

1063789934667911228 Discord: 🔮 Karma RP - Opening Feb 10th!


LSPD and Pillbox Medical are hiring! We currently have a Chief of Police and EMS and Assistant Chief but all other positions are open. Our team is experienced and works towards providing fair roleplay for Police and Criminals. We use MRPD and Pillbox and we have scripts to keep both LSPD and EMS busy during their time in the city. If you’re interested in applying for LSPD or EMS please fill out a simple app in Discord and High Command will work with you to set up an interview. You’ll be hired in no time! No experience is required!

Want to run a business or work at one? We have plenty to choose from! Here’s a list of our current businesses. Some are for sale, some are taken. To own a business you must purchase it in game. Activity in the city is required.

1063789934667911228 Burger Shot
1063789934667911228 Pizza This
1063789934667911228 Bakery
1063789934667911228 Pop’s Diner
1063789934667911228 Uwu Cafe
1063789934667911228 Mirror Restaurant
1063789934667911228 Cool Beans
1063789934667911228 Bean Machine
1063789934667911228 Vanilla Unicorn
1063789934667911228 Cyber Bar
1063789934667911228 Bahama Mamas
1063789934667911228 Otto’s Auto
1063789934667911228 Billards Bar
1063789934667911228 Bob’s Balls Bowling

We are in need of mechanics! We use Jim Mechanic and we currently only have Otto’s Auto open but looking to expand once we get more mechanics hired. We heavily rely on Mechanics in the server. Benny’s only fixes glass and body while Mechanics fixes everything else. No experience is required!

We understand that a life of crime isn’t for everyone so we have a variety of legal jobs to choose from. You’ll be busy for hours and never get bored! Most jobs make 10k-15k an hour so you feel rewarded and not like you’re grinding all the time. Here’s our current job list but we’re always adding more!

1063789934667911228 Fishing
1063789934667911228 Hunting
1063789934667911228 Farming
1063789934667911228 Mining
1063789934667911228 Chicken Butcher
1063789934667911228 Treasure Hunt
1063789934667911228 Salvage Diving
1063789934667911228 Recycle Runs
1063789934667911228 Road Runner Delivery
1063789934667911228 Car Repo
1063789934667911228 Garbage Pickup
1063789934667911228 Pizza Delivery

It’s so fun being a criminal, right? Lucky for the Crims we have a wide variety of things for them to get into. Here’s a list of our current illegal activities but we’re always adding more!

1063789934667911228 Multiple Drugs
1063789934667911228 Meth Heist and Lab
1063789934667911228 Meth Runs
1063789934667911228 Weed Picking / Bagging
1063789934667911228 Weed Runs
1063789934667911228 Oxy Runs
1063789934667911228 Bank Truck Delivery & Convoy
1063789934667911228 Bounties
1063789934667911228 Store Robbery
1063789934667911228 Bank Robbery
1063789934667911228 Jewelry Store Robbery
1063789934667911228 Shop Lifting
1063789934667911228 House Robbery
1063789934667911228 Blackmarket
1063789934667911228 Gun Crates
1063789934667911228 ATM Hacking
1063789934667911228 Car Theft Mission
1063789934667911228 Robbing Locals

We’re in need of Gangs & Groups! Maybe you’re a Balla or Vago or you’ve created your own gang. You could be a Biker Club. Whatever it is, we need you! We need groups to shake up the city and keep the Police busy. If you have custom clothing, interiors, vehicles, etc, we can look into adding them in the server. We only ask that you join first and see what the server is about.

1063789934667911228Advanced Character Creation Menu
1063789934667911228Advanced Housing (QS Housing)
1063789934667911228Advanced Phone (GKS Phone)
1063789934667911228Advanced Garages (CD Garages)
1063789934667911228Casino (RCore)
1063789934667911228R14 Police Evidence System.



1063789934667911228 Discord: 🔮 Karma RP - Opening Feb 10th!

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We’re opening in early February!

fresh start, fresh faces, fresh cookies

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Customizable Crosshair Menu

Join us!

EMS Recruiting, PD recruiting, lots of opportunities.

Opening early feb

We’re officially opening on February 10th!

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