Just stay away

If you are thinking about playing on this server do not do it. The owners are very young 18ish. They do not have the time to put into the server to keep it going which is why there are so much time in between development pushes. If you are friends with staff you can become staff even if you have done things that should have resulted in a permenant ban from the community. The Premier roleplayer role in the discord is just a group of staff favorites and has no bearing on the persons ability to RP. It also isn’t maintained properly so people who contribute nothing to the server for months still have the role. Ownership is the weakest part of the server. The owners aren’t truly invested in its success so there is no reason why the community should be. The most recent additions to the staff team are all friends or IC relationship partners of the management team. While someone who isn’t in the inside circle has had an application sitting waiting since the 6th of April. The server is just a nightmare and ownership really need to reflect on what they want out of the server going forward.


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