Just some questions to the developers


  1. Why is your project not open source?

  2. What can we expect at the first release of FiveReborn?

  3. Will this project be better than MultiFive?

  4. Is it coincidence that the project MultiFive kicked out some developers and you are starting a new project?
    4.1 if(4==1){Are you the developers that got kicked? If yes what happened?}

  5. The final and propably most valuable question/s:
    Will this project get taken down like many more other projects before?
    If the project gets taken down, will you release the full source code/s for your project, so others can continue?

  1. To make sure the project does not get stolen.
  2. Sync, vehicle streaming and basic API
  3. Yes
  4. Noone got kicked out, we left.
  5. It wont matter, if we release people can join servers without a problem. There is no middle man anymore. If someone hosts a server someone can just direct connect to that server.

My opinion:

  1. It’s not Open Source because the developers know every programming language needed for development.
  2. No terminal needed
  3. Yes
  4. MultiFive never kicked out the developers
  5. Five Reborn can’t get taken down because we don’t need a terminal now

okay thx so far. got some additional questions for you:
I guess you use the FiveM project as a base. So there is also sync and vehicle streaming.

  1. A basic API is new, but will it be the only thing?

You said that you left the project, but you kept only for a few days in the team.
2. Did you planned on going into the team and instantly starting a new project as you left?
3. What happened that you left the team and why dont you stay in it?

To say “make sure the project does not get stolen.” is a really bad excuse for a reason that i dont know so far. Even big projects Linux for example is also open source and it didn’t “get stolen”.
You also cannot say that you dont want that your project gets stolen because you stole it from the developers of FiveM. Otherwise you won’t write in the description of your project that FiveReborn is continuance of FiveM and MultiFive.

I would really love to see a project that would have a good succed in the future, but you dont make it any easier to beleave that you are
serious. You really need to explain the situation more why you left MultiFive…

To the first question:
It’s not a reason to make it open source because you dont know everything about the programming languages. Mostlikely its used to give the user a change to improve the code. Or in case of a gtav multiplayermod that if the project gets taken down by T2, or other companies, the development wasn’t for trash.
In the most cases every gtav multiplayer modification got taken down by T2 and all the effort was basically for nothing. Thats why i am for open source and MultiFive was the first project i had hope for.

The reason they are afraid it might get “stolen” is because Five Reborn is the only multiplayer client so far that is using FiveM resources and is properly crediting the original creator, NTAuthority. Other developers could steal the project and label it as their own - plagiarism. They left the MultiFive team because the main developer, 0x452, did not cooperate with the rest of the developers (the current Five Reborn team), thus they created their own multiplayer client.

this makes alot of sense

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