Just No

Non serious RP. City has been dying for months and server owner has refused up until a community meeting to address the reasons why. A big reason is the Dev doesn’t know what he is doing and is playing the role of both a Dev and Community Manager at the same time. I have played here since it’s inception and I’m very disappointed with how the staff team has been treating members of the community and former staff members that they either kicked or had to step down due to personal issues. Continous problems with the server and they never look inward on trying to change the way players actually manage to RP instead of the typical GTA Online. The community is very disrespectful as well and can be really nice to you your first day but after that you are on your own basically to try and follow suit with navigating the environment. There is zero respect for anyone that tries to RP differently from what is being handed out aka a Modded version of GTA Online. I’m begging you don’t give this server the time of day. Dev also fills his pockets with money when people pay for him to get scripts and then he gets them third party. It is not worth your time to be in here.

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