Just afew questions

So I am starting up a clan and had afew questions for both the client and server side mods.
I know where the mods go and how to setup/start a server my questions are these however.
Can anybody perhaps link me to the scripthookvdotnet file with the .ini file included?
How would I go about making custom lighting patterns because I know ELS V does not work at this time?
How do I set up the lighting to on where units can go code 2 without sirens?
What are the best client side mods for clans?
What are the server side mods for clans?

Thanks for the support folks!

For scripthookdotnet, a simple Google search will find you the proper download.

For custom lighting patterns use carcols. Place them client side in citizen/platform/data.

For using lights with no siren, you can download this server side script. It use to have a download but now it looks like you have to create the files yourself using the code provided. [Release] Disable siren-sound

You guys, I cannot find the .ini file for scripthookvdotnet so I can use it.

Can you perhaps tell me where to install the files it told me to make for the lighting?

Place the 3 files into a folder, call it whatever you like. Then place that folder into the server’s Resources folder. Then add the name of the folder to the server’s citmp-server.yml.

Thanks. Any chance you can tell me all the slots where I could install Emergency Vehicles?