[JSON] Needing help, with storing data.

Hello people on the internet.
I’m developing an anticheat in LUA language, and I got into this problem here, let me explain…

So basically I’m doing an explosion check, and want to save the people’s license, name, and explosion count.

But when trying to save it, I don’t know to save data like this when encoded.

I either get null, or an error while parsing the script.

Please note that this is a server script.

{"heres the license": {"exp": "0", "name": "lath"}}

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

local explosionlog = {license = license, name = GetPlayerName(sender)}

SaveResourceFile(GetCurrentResourceName(), “explosionlogs.json”, json.encode(information), -1)

Thanks for the help! I will defenetly try this out.