JoinTransition - A simple transition between the loading screen and spawning the player

im having the same issue but as Vespura has stated many times above, it is likely another resource you are using that may be causing the issue. try turning off all your added resources to see if the issue goes away. If it does indeed go away then start turning resources back on one at a time until the problem comes back and this will show you which resource is causing the problem and where to start.

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Same Issue!

Hey! I’m trying to make this work with ESX, because now it doesn’t animate to the right position but to the default ESX fallback spawnlocation. Anyone who has any idea how to achieve this?

Same here, I think maybe in the script there’s a wait time, set it to 0?

There’s a resource someone has made called cutscenes or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I had given up a couple months ago and then yesterday I did a lot of research related to loading screens and eventually i figured out the proper solution. as Vespura has stated many times there is NOTHING wrong with the script and NO adjustments need to be made to the jointransition script, instead you need to place the following line of code inside the __resource.lua or fxmanifest file of your loading screen script.

loadscreen_manual_shutdown “yes”

That’s it you are done and it should now work and also you should no longer see the bridge scene during the loading screen.

If you still encounter the issue with seeing the bridge screen between your loading screen and the skycamera transition then open the cloading.lua file inside the jointransition script and comment out line 30. Now the bridge screen will be gone if it wasn’t before.

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