Join Top Tier RP Today!

Top Tier Roleplay is a new and growing server. We have been up and open for about 4 months at this time and we just recently went whitelist. To become a whitelisted member you must join
the discord and ask a staff member to send you a whitelist application. Once completed, it wont take long to be part of this amazing community! We strive for mature and respectful players and we would be happy to have you. We started TTRP for the same reasons as to why you are reading this message. To find a new home. We are a Family on TTRP, and we all look out for each other. We do not hold bias or favoritism. If you are looking for a server who wants the best RP possible then Top Tier Is for you. We have new updates coming very frequently. We will make every move for the better of the community and family that we are trying to build here. We are planning on being around for a while and making it to the top of the ranks. So please join Top Tier Role Play for the best role play experience you’ve ever had or will have. We have countless different custom mods, scripts and cars. We have a very great group of active and friendly staff ready to help you at any time. Join TTRP today and i’m sure you wont regret it!

Is their a link of some type?

Yes We are now no longer whitelist so you will be able to join right away!