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Are you tired of ordinary role-playing servers? TalesRP takes your FiveM experience to a whole new level! We’ve recently opened our doors to the public and we’re bringing you the most engaging and immersive RP experience you’ve ever had.

What Makes Us Special?

A Unique Custom Framework: We have the most unique custom framework in FiveM, all of our resources are custom made, We don’t use QB or ESX with very few paid scripts as we like to make all of our stuff in house.

Allow listed PD/EMS/DOJ Jobs: Join the forces of justice or save lives as an EMS. Your choices, your adventure!

Custom Gangs and Territories: Battle for supremacy in the custom gang territory system. Will you conquer the city?

Crafting and Customization: Customize your world with custom liveries, vehicles, and more!

Department of Justice: Experience law and order with our Penal Codes and MDT system for PD/EMS.

Player Housing: Find your dream home, decorate it with our custom decoration system, and make it truly yours.

Fully Working Casino: Roll the dice, spin the wheel, and test your luck in our fully functional casino!

Endless Entertainment: From boosting, racing, and drifting to darts, pool tables, and tennis – there’s something for everyone.

Player Businesses: Start your empire with player-owned businesses, and dominate the market.

Custom Vehicle Handling: Drive with style using our custom vehicle handling.

Health/Damage System: Realistic damage and health system for immersive gameplay.

Joining is a Breeze!

No Application Required: No tedious applications! Jump in and start having fun immediately!

A Strong Community Awaits You!

At TalesRP, we’ve organized a development and staff team with decades of experience in running communities. We’re here to make your experience unforgettable and ensure your tales are an adventure!